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  1. Images on my Portégé R100 appear distorted
  2. Display Driver Portege R100
  3. Portege series, different battery life on R100 and M100?
  4. Portege R100: Recover from USB2.0 CD drive?
  5. Hardware trouble in R100 - unidentified network controller
  6. External display on R100
  8. Toshiba R100: External monitor as primary display device
  9. How on earth is R100 supposed to boot from external source?
  10. CPU in Portege R100
  11. Portege R100 standby problem
  12. Big CPU load on R100
  13. R100 checksum error
  14. Portege R100: Duplicate UUID
  15. Portege r100 display adapter
  16. PORTEGE R100 recovery problem by CD-ROM
  17. R100 Driver installation order
  18. R100 Boot from PC-CARD?
  19. R100 low level format utility
  20. R100 mini PCI slot
  21. R100 Standby / Hiberate loss
  22. R100 bluescreens on WinXP install?
  23. USB 2.0 blue screens on Portege R100
  24. How do I open the Portege R100?
  25. Portege R100 - Headphone jack faulty
  26. Question about Portege R200
  27. Portege R100 and WUXGA(1920x1200) external LCD monitor
  28. Portege R100: fan and screen
  29. Fingerprint reader and Novell login (Portege R200)
  30. Portege R100 + BT SD Card 2 + Nokia 6600 with Nokia PC Suite ? NO CONNECT !
  31. How to stop Fingerprint Reader on Portege R200?
  32. R100 fresh xp installation!!
  33. R200-110 - boot from external CD drive
  34. Portege R200 - video corruption in XP SP2
  35. Configuring and terminating new HDD for Portege R100
  36. Portege R100: Can not see external dvd drive
  37. Portege R100: Power won't up.
  38. Portege R100 problems with ext. CD RW
  39. Disabling Wireless Network Card on R200
  40. R200 - Question about external display resolution 1920*1200
  41. R100: FDISK - Simple advice needed...
  42. Portege R100 and RIPREP
  43. Booting an R100 from the SD Card slot.
  44. Portege R200 - W2K - unknown PCI device
  45. Boot on usb with portégé R100
  46. Compatible Recovery/Bootable Drives with Portege R200
  47. SD card doesn’t recognized properly on my Portege R100
  48. Portege R200 - Battery discharges when turned off
  49. Portege R100 - how to create bootable SD card?
  50. Portege R100 - software restore
  51. R200 charging battery options?
  52. R100 - compatible drives to boot new linux/windows (no recovery cd)
  53. Can I charge a base R100 battery separately?
  54. R100 some keys on the keyboard stuck
  55. Portege R100: Trying to upgrade the BIOS from 1.20 to 1.60
  56. WPA on R100 Wireless LAN
  57. Portege R100: Question about max HDD size
  58. R100 keyboard/mouse/restore problem
  59. Creating a Partition on an new R200?
  60. R100 - where's the mic
  61. Boot recovery dvd not working on Portege R200
  62. Portege R100 will not boot
  63. Portege R100 - XP constantly shows the battery icon at 0%
  64. Portege R100 - Bios support for ATA6
  65. Portege R100 - burning my own recovery CD
  66. Portege R200: After XP installtion WLan ethernet controller is missing
  67. Portege R200 - work with or without extended desktop
  68. Boot - menu option on Portege R200
  69. R100 - Product Recovery
  70. Portege R100: Solution how to restore the unit without using a CD-ROM drive
  71. Portege R100: No recovery CD - is WinXP install possible?!
  72. Portege R100: integrated SD card reader doesn't read a SD card of 2GB
  73. Portege R100: RTC battery replacement
  74. How to install Operating system on Portege R100?
  75. Portege R200 Win2k drivers ?
  76. How to obtain Recovery CD for my Portege R100?
  77. How to find purchase dates for Portege R200?
  78. Load New XP Pro SP2 OS on Portege R200
  79. Portege R100 - Memory upgrade
  80. Portege R100: Screen goes black after SP2 installation
  81. Portege R100: keyboard is not working
  82. Portege R200 - Docking Station
  83. Portege R100 USB2 CD-RW/DVD Rom - Bootable ?
  84. Portege R100: Fn Keys and Touchpad (Scroll) doesn't work anymore?
  85. Portege R100 - OS installation with 16 bit bootable PCMCIA CD-Rom
  86. Portege R100: Problems with Lacie USB2.0 CD/DVD Burner
  87. Portege R100 disk read error
  88. Portege R100 will not boot from CD
  89. Portege R200: Need keycodes for key mapping
  90. Portege R100: 4GB SD card runs very slow -> unable to format
  91. OS installation on Portege R100 laptop via my RIS server
  92. Portege R100 crashes after installation of the Vista graphic driver
  93. Can I use display from Portege 2000 or M100 on Portege R100?
  94. Portege R100: memory upgrade
  95. Portege R100 won´t boot from PCMCIA-DVD-Drive
  96. Portege R100 will not turn on
  97. Portege R100: USB CDROM cannot read installation Windows XP CD
  98. Portege R100 and external 17" LCD - can not set right screen resolution
  99. The hard drive of Portege R100 is not working properly
  100. Portege R100 wont boot - black screen blinking white underscore cursor
  101. Vista Drivers for Finger Print Reader on a Portege R200????
  102. Portege R400: How to activate the TPM chip in BIOS
  103. Portege R200: How to reset fingerprint security?
  104. Silent install of HDD protection software on Portege R200
  105. Need XP drivers for Portege R100
  106. Need WXP drivers for a Portege R500-106
  107. Can I use recovery CD with non-Toshiba external drives - Portege R100?
  108. WLAN MiniPCI card upgrade on a Portege R100
  109. Various Installation Problems with Portege R100 and Windows XP
  110. Portege R100 SODIMM 1GB upgrade: Vendor?
  111. Can I upgrade the HDD on Portege R400?
  112. Large capacity battery of Portege R100 defective - LED would not turn on
  113. How to access the internal memory bay on Portege R400
  114. PCMCIA issue on portege R200
  115. Vista drivers for Portege R200
  116. What DVD Drive is fitted to Portege 500
  117. Need WXP drivers for Portege R500
  118. Reloading Windows XP on Portege R100
  119. Portege R100 - question about installing Windows and USB port problems
  120. Sound does not work on Portege R100
  121. Portege R500: XP - Vista Dual Boot
  122. "Unknown Devices" after downgrad from Vista to WinXP on Portege R500?
  123. Portege R500 does not boot from the XP CD
  124. Portege R100 - BIOS can't see 1.8-inch 2GB PCMCIA HDD
  125. How to remove the keyboard of a Portege R400
  126. Portege R100: Bluetooh/WLAN 802 b/g Mini pCi Combo Card available
  127. Fingerprint-Sensor and Portege R200. How does it work ?
  128. Portege R400-106 - where to get 64-bit Windows Vista DVD?
  129. WXP and Portege R500 - Cannot add new USB hardware
  130. Portege R200: How to disable the Touchpad in cmd
  131. Portege R400 Screen problems when wireless is ON
  132. Dual boot using supplied XP recovery disk on Portege R500-11C
  133. Portege R100 - Boot from external HDD
  134. FN Keys do not work on Portege R200
  135. Portege R100: FDISK and HDD format takes very long time
  136. Cannot recover the Portege R100 using the Recovery CD
  137. IDE #0 ERROR on Portege R100
  138. Portege R500:XP drivers for 3G module?
  139. Portege R100 won't boot from the HDD - missing operating system
  140. Portege M400 doesn't accept built-in hdd password at boot
  141. Portege R400-600 - installed some SW and everything stopped working.....
  142. Broken HDD in Portege R400 - can I use HDD MK1011GAH
  143. Portege R400-600 - Toshiba flashcards - WLAN doesn't work
  144. Portege R400-600 - Access to the harddive is extremely slow
  145. Portege R400-600 - Windows Vista Ultimate - Features On/Off
  146. Portege R500 - 4 unknown devices after downgrade from Vista to XP
  147. Vista upgrade on Portege R500
  148. Portege R100 won't boot!
  149. Portege R100 - can not use F10 and F11 key function
  150. 64 bit VMWare Guests on Portege R400
  151. Comparing Portege R500-10J and R500-11C
  152. Portege R400 - Resume from Windows Ultimate Standby - graphic resolution
  153. Portege R400 - Resume from Windows Ultimate Standby - Flashcards crash
  154. Portege R500: XP BT & WLan driver needed
  155. Which WLan driver should I use for Windows XP on Portege R500
  156. Re: How to install LAN driver for Windows XP on Portege R500?
  157. Need CD/DVD writer drivers for Windows XP on Portege R500
  158. Jumping cursor on Portege R500-11C
  159. Portege R500/Vista - why SQL Server installed?
  160. Portege R400 Tablet PC - 2nd battery instead of the optical drive
  161. Portege R200: I can't select resolution of 1680*1050 on external display
  162. Re: Portege R500: Contros button doesn't work after installing update
  163. Cannot recover Portege R100
  164. Portege R500-10I: error message - PwdBank.exe Read of address F927AB58
  165. Portege R500 - SD-Card Reader and SDHC
  166. DVD Drive Problem in Portege R500 running Win XP Pro
  167. HDD Upgrade on a Portege R400
  168. How to change Touchpad settings on Portege R500
  169. Portege R500 fingerprint software installation error under XP
  170. Portege R500: Enter BIOS with known supervisor password
  171. Portege R500 with 3G - Instructions for SIM insertion
  172. Portege R100: BIOS update - user not authorized
  173. Will Windows XP work on Portege R500-126
  174. Portege R500 and Toshiba Optical Tilt-Wheel Mouse
  175. Portege R500 - USB Flash memory asks for administrative rights
  176. Portege R500 and fingerprint software
  177. Re: "unknown device" on Portege R500 after XP installation
  178. Portege R500 - Fingerprint Software suddenly stopped working: driver error
  179. Portege R500-10U purchase in Greece and 3g module
  180. Re: Portege R500 Unable to connect using Mobilink
  181. Portege R500: How to enable control buttons after new Vista installation
  182. Outlook hanging every few minutes - Portege R500
  183. Portege R500 - DVD no longer working
  184. Use Higer Res LCD-Panel in Portege R200
  185. Portege R500 logs off spontaneously with no user input
  186. Portege R500 - WinDVD and DVD writing software
  187. Portege R500: XP installation with USB external CD/DVD drive - SOLUTION
  188. Need external monitor for Portege R500
  189. Portege R500 screen rotation on Vista
  190. Re: Portege R100 - MK4004GAH adapter embedded ATA -> ATA/IDE
  191. Re: Portege 500 Sync and Fingerprint Software on Vista
  192. Portege R200: I would like to replace LCD screen
  193. Portege R500 - I loose settings in Fingerprint software
  194. Application very slow on Portege R500 laptop
  195. Second battery pack does not charge over 29% on Portege R200
  196. Portege R500: SDHC Card cannot be read in SD slot
  197. Portege R100: RAM upgrade
  198. Where to find Win XP drivers for Portege R400
  199. Portege R500-126 battery life
  200. Re: Portege R500 - slow booting when not on network
  201. Portege R500 - display driver update
  202. Need BIOS update for Portege R111
  203. Portege R500: Slim Port Replicator II - headphones not working
  204. Re: Portege R500 - FN Keys stopped working
  205. WinXP installation stops with "Stop 0x0000007B" on Portege R100
  206. Portege R500 - Internal SD card reader not working
  207. Re: Button on top right corner does not work on Portege R500
  208. Re: LCD backlight doesn't stay working on Portege R500
  209. Question about operating system reinstall on Portege R500
  210. Portege R500 - Unknown button on desktop
  211. Portege R500-10J: Not possible to watch movies - display colors too dark
  212. How to customize 3 buttons at front of Portege R400?
  213. Where can I find XP x64 drivers for Portege R500 - hotkey / power management?
  214. Portege R500: Which port replicator with DVI could be compatible
  215. Fingerprint sensor cannot be found on Portege R500
  216. Several issues on Portege R500
  217. Network problems with Portege R500
  218. How can I exchange the keyboard on Portege R500?
  219. Portege R200 - Intel 915GMS Chipset - ialmrnt5 error
  220. Portege R500 - Powerpoint and Dual head video card
  221. Portege R500: Fingerprint Software and VIsta SP1 issues
  222. Portege R500 - CD/DVD drive no longer works
  223. Portege R500 - left front part standing higher
  224. Bios update Portege R100
  225. Portege R500: external monitor doesn't work with Port Replicator 2 and DVI
  226. How to remove the HDD passwordon Portege R500?
  227. Most loud cooling module in Portege R500
  228. No sound on Portege R500
  229. Portege R500 does not show the Groove 2007 calendar tool
  230. Technical documentation to dismount a Portege R500 ?
  231. Portege R400: Very slow performance with Vista Ultimate
  232. Portege R100 and Cyberlink Software
  233. Portege R500 - I've got two Unknown Devices after XP installation
  234. Re: Portege R500-125 - Vodafone 3G SIM Card - What to do !!!
  235. Portege R100 Installing XP on replacement drive
  236. Portege R500 screen issue
  237. Re: Portege 500 - boot problems
  238. No Hibernate or sleep in Portege R500 with WXP
  239. "Built in HDD error" in Portege R200
  240. R500 CD/DVD optical drive query
  241. Portege R500 - non working Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-844S USB Device
  242. Portege R500 BIOS update 1.60-WIN
  243. Does Portege R500 have a microphone?
  244. Portege R500 USB Extrenal HDD issue
  245. Portege R500 - How do I install new display driver?
  246. No network controller driver for Portege R500 (Windows XP)
  247. Protege R500 Shutdown problems with SD Card
  248. Installing XP on Portege R100
  249. 0x0000007B error message after installing Portege R500 XP OEM Recovery CD
  250. Re: Upgrade Portege R100 WLAN to wap -> new mini pci-card oder pcmia?
  251. Portege R500 shuts down after idle period
  252. Re: Still some Issues with my Portege R100
  253. Portege R500 - Fan running at full speed when resuming from standby
  254. How do I restore a Portege R400?
  255. Portege R500 very slow boot when wireless switched on
  256. Portege R500 - No response to user password
  257. Portege R500 - USB Legacy keyboard support doesn't work
  258. Portege R500 - how to disable touchpad?
  259. SD Card Reader Read Problem after Sleep Mode with Portege R500 SP1
  260. Is Portege R500 3G compatible with Vodaphone?
  261. Portege R500 - How to enable backlight feature in Vista?
  262. Portege R500 - Switch view from laptop screen to LCD projector
  263. Re: BIOS upgrade for a Portege R500
  264. Portege R200 - Upgrade RAM to 2.25 GB possible?
  265. Ctrl key is lost after installing XP on Portege R500
  266. Portege R100 video cable doesnt reach replacement LCD screen
  267. Portege R500 XP downgrade from Vista, Data Interface Drivers
  268. Re: Win XP Installation on Portege R500 12Q
  269. Portege R500 - cannot unmute the microphone
  270. Portege R200 - How to replace HDD
  271. Portege R500 - some touchpad settings are not available
  272. Question about battery working time on Portege R500-12s
  273. Re: Portege R500-11Y with SSD: I want to install Win XP
  274. Portege R500-11Z: How can use external mic and hear internal speakers
  275. Portege R100 - can I reinstall WXP with USB floppy & USB drive?
  276. CD/DVD of my Portege R500 has disappeared
  277. Portege R500 - Configure Monitor on Port Replicator
  278. Portege R500 - Fingerprint boot authorization
  279. Portege R500 - HDD failure
  280. Few questions about Portege R100 upgrade
  281. Portege R500 CD driver spins but not recognised
  282. Portege R100 - CPU goes up to 100% usage while running foobar2000
  283. Portege R600 - replacement keyboard
  284. Portege R100 - BIOS password reset
  285. Portege R600 and Webcam functionality in Skype
  286. Portege R500 screen issue - some artefacts appear
  287. Portege R100 - processor usage 100%
  288. Portege R100 Booting Problem - PXE-E61:Media Test failure, check cable
  289. Portege R500: no action when a music disk or other is inserted
  290. How to replace the keyboard on a Portege R500/R600
  291. Portege R500 - CD/DVD drive does not work
  292. Portege R600: Insert system disk in drive. Press any key when ready
  293. Touchpad is not working on Portege R100
  294. Re: Portege R400 - Cannot install the 3G driver on Windows 7
  295. Portege R500 - anybody using DVI over Port Replicator II on WIndows 7 Beta?
  296. Touchpad stuck on Portege R600
  297. Portege R500 2 questions: reboot & sleep mode
  298. Portege R100 - Upgrading Hard Drive to SDD ?
  299. CTRL Keys are not working on Portege R500
  300. Portege M500 Can't boot when USB ports are loaded
  301. Portege R100 does not work any more
  302. Portege R500 - Display resolution after reboot always on 640x480
  303. Portege R500 overheating
  304. Portege R500 jumping cursor
  305. Portege R600 - no sound and webcam after Live Mesanger update
  306. Portege R600 - HDD exchange
  307. Portege R400 - won't recognize 3g module?
  308. Portege R400 - Can I use other CPU on new motherboard
  309. Portege R600 - screen occasionally flashes
  310. Portege R400 not available on Toshiba website
  311. Portege R100 - need help with screen identification
  312. Portege R600 - where can I find the correct SATA drivers?
  313. Portege R500 - CPU never goes beyond 50% (throttle)
  314. Portege R200 - XP not recognising hardware
  315. Portege R400 - no 3G module?
  316. Portege R500 connected to mains - fans runs continuously
  317. Portege R600 - Is there an internal broadband radio available?
  318. Portege R100 - How to install after HDD exchange?
  319. Portege R500: Need XP drivers for FN button utility
  320. Portege R400 - Won't Turn on
  321. Anyone recommend a DVD-RW for my Portege R400
  322. Is there a small power adapter for R600?
  323. Portege R600 - How do I install XP on a new HDD?
  324. Portege R500 - Can I use 3GB RAM?
  325. Portege R500 - USB ports unresponsive for 35-60 sec after Standby
  326. Portege R500 - Novatel Wireless Radio Off
  327. Portege R600-10Q - SD cards doesn't work always
  328. Portege R600 (PPR61E) - How to disable WLAN in BIOS?
  329. Portege R500 - Defective cdrom causes very long power on self test
  330. Protege R100: How to boot OS from PCMCIA card
  331. Portege R500 - HDD exchange possible?
  332. Toshiba Portege R500 - External Monitor Display Issue
  333. Portege R500 - TrueSuite Access manager doesn't work with IE 8
  334. Portege R600-10Q - DVD drive does not open/work after Vista boot
  335. Need drivers for Portege R100
  336. Portege R500 - CPU jumping and sticking at 100%
  337. Portege R400 - I want to downgrade to XP
  338. Portege R500: Explorer Crashes Cured by installing R600 Sound Driver
  339. Optical disc drive dead on my Portege R600
  340. Need audio controller for my Portege R205-S209
  341. Portege R600 - Display Device Change Utility problem
  342. Portege R500 connection to Toshiba 19AV505D LCD TV
  343. Portege R600 - Cannot update BIOS using Win server 2008
  344. Portege R600 Toshiba button (backlight, toshiba assist) don't work
  345. Portege R600 Vista Recovery disk
  346. Portege R600 SIM Card - software which alert about incoming call
  347. Portege R600 - Has someone installed FreeBSD OS
  348. Re: Where is the SSD in R500?
  349. Portege R600 - What do I need for Windows 7?
  350. What difference between Portege R500-121 and R500-11z
  351. Portege R500 - Bad optical drive delays boot - How to correct?
  352. Re: Portege R600 - Is the port replicator compatible with regional products?
  353. Portege R500 - maximum external screen resolution is only 1280x1024
  354. Portege R100 and new Hard Drive
  355. Portege R500 - Bluetooth PC card mouse not recognised
  356. Portege R600 - Is the DVD drive compatible with double layer disks?
  357. No Sound in Portege R600 on XP
  358. NO sound Portege R500 on Windows 7
  359. Portege R500 - Freezes and doesn't respond
  360. Portege R100 stoped working - power LED flashes error codes
  361. Portege R500 - How to install 3G-drivers on Windows 7?
  362. Portege R500 - display driver stopped responding - ialmnrt5 error
  363. Portege R600-11B - Cannot install Adobe Acrobat 9 - ActiveX issue
  364. Portege R500 - Can only see a picture on the external monitor
  365. Portege R500 - Removing "Eject PC" from pinned menu using doking station
  366. Portege R600 - Where can I find the installation order on Vista x64?
  367. Portege R600 - How to automatically use the external monitor on docking
  368. Portege R100 Laptop won't start after some time without the power supply
  369. Re: Portege R500 - Bios update installer crashes
  370. Portege R600 - FAN Noise
  371. Portege R500 - install Win XP - no hard disk detected
  372. Portege R500 Blinking Code 01001000 (48h) or in reverse 00010010 (12h)
  373. Portege R500 - Does Windows XP 64bit work?
  374. Which operating sistem on Portege R500?
  375. Extended battery for Portege R100 in the UK
  376. Portege R600 / A600 and Dual Screen Output
  377. HDD replacement on Portege R400
  378. Portege R600-11Q - Battery issue
  379. Portege R600-10Q - Touchpad stopped working
  380. Portege R600 - SSD Compatiability
  381. Portege R500 - Error message THotkey "This Audio device is not supported"
  382. Portege R600 - black or dead pixels?
  383. Re: Portege R100 - not able to boot from USB CD drive
  384. Portege R600 can't detect Toshiba Slim Port Replicator II PA3603U-1PRP
  385. Portege R500 suddenly turns itself off, restarts
  386. Portege R500 is seriously faulty
  387. Portege R500 - How to replace SSD?
  388. Portege R500 3G "Radio Off"
  389. Re: How to enable Virtualization technology on Portege R500?
  390. Portege R100 - Network Controller Driver
  391. Portege R600 - how to set resolution automatically?
  392. Portege R400 - Where to find older BIOS?
  393. Can I add an internal dvd to Portege R500
  394. Portege R100 - Not Bootable CD-Rom Drive
  395. Portege R100 - Random Blue Screen of Death (IRQL not less or equal)
  396. Portege R600-4201 - Is there USB sleep & charage available?
  397. Portege R111 BIOS update
  398. Can I upgrade SSD to 512GB - Portege R500
  399. Portege R600 - Is it possible to make a call with the SIM?
  400. Portege R600 - GPS option in Wireless manager
  401. Portege R500 - No picture on external monitor
  402. Is it possible to put 2 GB memory in Portege R500-11B?
  403. Portege R500 - Slim port replicator external monitor activation issue
  404. Drivers problems on Portege R600 with WXP SP2 Professionnel X 64
  405. Portege R100 - problems booting up
  406. Cannot make BIOS update for Portege R500 (PPR50E)
  407. Screen goes off when unpluge DC but Portege R500 is working
  408. Portege R100 and HDD upgrade
  409. Portege R200 cannot set boot sequence on BIOS
  410. Portege R500 error playing DVDs - Not enought video memory
  411. Reinstalling XP on Portege R600 - which drivers are necessary?
  412. Installing windows XP on Portege R600
  413. Portege R600 No hibernate and standby options after fresh XP install?
  414. Portege R500-100 - Need drivers after HDD format
  415. How to find out wireless card on Portege R600?
  417. Portege R600 - White Noise Problem
  418. Portege R500 (PPR50E) speaker does not mute when headphone connected
  419. Portege R500 HSDPA Driver for Windows 7 x64
  420. Portege R500: Profile migration and a problem with Fingerprint utility
  421. Portege R600 and Windows 7
  422. Portege R500-12J : Problem with power supplier
  423. Clearing admin password in BIOS of Portege R500
  424. No Virtualization option in BIOS with Portege R500
  425. Portege R600 (PPR61E) - BIOS update not supported
  426. SD card reader issue on Portege R100 - SOLVED
  427. Portege R600-12H - touchpad, fingerprint, mobile broadband issues
  428. Portege R500 - DVD driver doesn't work
  429. What SSD can I use on Portege R400
  430. Cannot install Windows 7 "recovery media" on new Portege R600
  431. Portege R400 - Starting Windows with WAN/3G off
  432. Need details and info about Portege R600-13C PPR61E-03G004CE
  433. Portege R600 - SD Cards detected but can't browse or format
  434. Re: Portege R500 - How to update BIOS on Windows 7?
  435. Re: What SSD can I use for Portege R400-103
  436. Portege R100 - Missing some Ethernet Controller Win XP drivers
  437. Cannot redock to the Docking Station usign the Portege
  438. Unable to access BIOS - Portege R500 PPR50E
  439. Portege R500 fails during POST
  440. Portege R500 - Shuts down with AuthenTec software installed
  441. Portege R600 - Difference between cooling options
  442. Portege R100 - How to use the CDs?
  443. Portege R200: Can I get 1920x1080 resolution on external monitor?
  444. Portege R500 - WXP Professional PL and AuthenTec software incompatibility
  445. Portege R500 - restarts instead of booting, only BIOS works
  446. Portege R500 - SD cards not recognized
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